BUCKLE UP and Enjoy The Ride

This medical ID bracelet is suitable for men, women and children. This adjustable and comfortable sport band medical alert bracelet is made with nylon & polyester and is available in a variety of colours. Sized for wrists 4-8 inches in length. Custom snap lock clasp keeps the bracelet secure on an active wrist. Engraving can be applied to both the front and the back of the medical ID tag. Please note that the back of the tag will be covered by the strap during wear. To see the back engraving please remove the bracelet and pull back the strap!


Wrist Size: Adjustable band for ALL wrist sizes


Additional Strap: $20 USD / $40 BDS


Take a look at our WRIST SIZE GUIDE for instructions on how to accurately measure your wrist. 


BUCKLE UP and Enjoy The Ride

Strap Colour
  • Medical Jewelry and accessories, handmade in Barbados.